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Measurement Guide

How to take your measurements!

Use a flexible measuring tape or, in a pinch, we have a free printable measuring tape. Results with a flexible measuring tape will be most accurate and easier to take. 

We find measurements most accurate when taken in CM.

Get a kind friend to help you! We find it easier to have a friend make sure the measuring tape is parallel and flat. Stand in a relaxed upright position in front of a mirror and keep your feet together. When measuring, make sure to breathe normally and do not cinch the tape too tight. You want the measurements to be as accurate and comfortable as possible. If the tape is digging in, or you can't move around/bend over etc with the tape on, loosen it until it is comfortable.




If you have bosoms, decide to whether you will/will not decide to wear a bra with the itemIf you decide to, please measure with your best fitting, most comfortable bra on. If not, please measure without one on. 

Bring the measuring tape from your back around to the fullest part of your chest (usually around your nipples). Remember to keep the tape parallel to the floor and flat against your body creating a straight line from your back to your front. Take a few deep breaths and test to see if the tape is too tight - if you can't breathe freely or the tape is pressing in, loosen it slightly. Record the measurement where the 0 mark touches the other side of the tape wrapped around. If you have someone to help, you should have your hands by your side as they record the measurement.

TOP TIP: if you breathe in deeply and let your chest expand, allow the tape to slide a bit until it is comfortable. 


Your natural waist is the smallest part of your torso, just underneath your rib cage. For 'Men's fit' pants, this will be slightly dropped. Make sure the tape is parallel to the floor and wrap it around your waist. Record the measurement.


Your hip measurement is not a measurement of your actual hip bone!! It is the juiciest part of that booty, wrap the measuring tape round from back to front making sure to keep it parallel with the floor. We recommend taking a couple of squats with the measuring tape wrapped around your hips to test for comfort, like the bust/chest measurement, you can let it slide to give a bit of extra room.


This is from the very inside of your crotch and taken from your inner leg to the ankle bone. This is a pretty tricky measurement to take by yourself so try to get a friend to help you. Place the beginning of the measuring tape on the very inside of your crotch and measure down to the ankle bone. We find inches to be a more accurate measurement for inseams.

For any other questionz: